Leigh Cabell
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Each of my creations is made from things we discard. Gum wrappers, twist ties and cereal boxes, just to name a few. I take small pieces of each, sometimes the whole if it is small enough, and sew them together without altering the original color. Each item is specifically chosen for its color and texture. The final piece is a carefully arranged selection of pieces to produce the desired design or effect.

Ideas emerge from my interest in science and finding beauty where it is unexpected: in society’s castoffs. Even unwanted things are beautiful in their own way if we take the time to look at them from another perspective.

I have been designing and creating for over 30 years, first as an art quilter and now expanding and building on what I’ve learned over the years to transform everyday objects into artworks to surprise and delight. My meticulous technique and interest in nature reflects my training as a marine biologist and years of neuro-research. Applying methodologies and interests from my past has led to exploration and experimentation with new forms, materials and ideas.

My years in the science world have taught me to respect nature. Some of what you see is me trying to get you to look at things in a different light. I hope my work challenges you to think about the environment and how what each of us does affects the whole. Just like each little square in my art, we are all individuals connected to make one beautiful whole.